Team Entries - 2020 Winter Season

2020 Winter Season 


Team Entries close on the on Tuesday 31st March at 4.30pm.

This season we will no longer be using Sports TG and moving over to PlayHQ. 

This will mean that there will be no more utilisation of team codes. 

However it is important that team contacts fill in the entry form and insert all correct information into this system. 

Once you have entered the team you will receive an email with a direct link to team/player insurance URL. This will need to be passed onto members of your team to ensure they are in the new system and on the score sheet come round 1. 

If you are a new team your team bond will need to be paid at the sports office before round 1.


TEAM ENTRY FEES (2020 Winter Season)

Junior or Senior Club Team   $0

Existing Junior Independent Team     $30

New Senior Independent Team + Bond ($120)    $63 

Existing Senior independent team $63


For more information please contact Bec on