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Healthy Mates Programs

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Healthy Mates Junior High Performance Program

Youth participation in strength and conditioning programs, provide a foundation for physical development. Improvements in movement, strength, power, and speed during our programs allowing for greater performance on the court, field, or track. Junior athletes gain confidence in their performance and reduce risk their risk of sports related injuries.

Our Junior High Performance Program is conducted over a 10 week period. We take junior athletes from a variety of sports including but not exclusive to Basketball, Football, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Athletics, and Tennis. Initially, junior athletes will be screened for movement, strength, power, and conditioning over a 2 hour session. Based off the initial testing, an individually prescribed movement, strength, and conditioning program will be written to support the needs and goals of the athlete, to be undertaken over the following weeks. On completion of this module, athletes will perform an exit screening to allow us to utilise comparative data to demonstrate the benefits of participation in the program.

Options available for athletes to complete our programs across 1 or 2 sessions per week.

Braves listed players will receive 20% off the program, $440 (2 sessions per week for 10 weeks – usually $550), or $220 (1 session per week for 10 weeks)

Term 3 Junior High Performance starts Monday 18th July at 4:30pm



Healthy Mates High Performance

Healthy Mates High Performance brings you a physical conditioning program to elevate your performance. Based at Bendigo Stadium, athletes are prescribed strength and conditioning programs, developed by accredited strength and conditioning coaches, and guided by our Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy teams.

We assess and test individual athlete’s strengths and deficiencies using Human Measurement Technologies and VALD Performance. Through accurate and thorough assessment, our team is able to prescribe exercises that are tailored to individual athlete needs and develop programs to build strong, powerful, and robust athletes.

Games lost through injury is a key statistic in sport, and therefore, injury prevention is a key element in optimising individual and team performance. Stronger athletes are more resilient to the rigours of competitions, can train harder, are injured less and recover faster.

Casual strength & conditioning is available please register your interest via our website for more information:

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