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Bendigo Basketball Update – December 2020

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Bendigo Braves

Bendigo Basketball Update

– December 2020 –

Hello All,


We just want to thank everyone taking all the safety measures at the stadium for Round 1 for “Return to Sport”

We are still adhering to all the advice from the “Chief Health Officer” and “DHHS”. The following link will assist you in current restrictions within Victoria and Basketball Victoria’s restriction levels

Over 1350 Junior athletes have taken the court over the last 7 days and it’s great to see everyone back.

Its an exciting time to see players/spectators coming into the stadium and with all the procedures in place we are glad to report that people adhering to them.

Let’s ensure we continue this practice to retain a safe environment at the Bendigo Stadium.


  • Sanitise upon entry and exit
  • Social distancing
  • QR code upon entry
  • No high fives or fist pumping during play
  • No shaking hands after game
  • Please continue to carry a face mask with you at all times, unless you have a lawful reason not to.
  • It is strongly recommended that you wear a face mask in situations when you are unable to stay more than 1.5 metres from other patrons and staff members.
  • Stay home if your unwell or have been tested for COVID19
  • Please leave stadium directly after the game
  • There are to be strictly NO external basketballs to be brought into the stadium.
  • Spectators – It is recommended that there is to be 1 spectator per person to ensure we stay within our patron guidelines however understand that at times this is not possible.

For basketball to continue, we all have a responsibility to be doing the right thing, and must not take this opportunity for granted

Game Payments

Team Payments

Bendigo Basketball is partnering with Teammo to make it easier for teams to pay for team fees, submit forfeits and collect money from team members.

This will help us become a cashless organisation.

Teammo is an online sports payment platform. Teammo connects sports teams, clubs and associations to enable better collection, management and reconciliation of sports payments.

We are encouraging teams to use Teammo to make team payments during the upcoming season.

Visit for more details on how to use Teammo and create an account for your team.

Please note: Bendigo Basketball Association game fees will increase by 0.50 cents due to COVID19 and the removing of cash handling.

Alternatively more information can be found here – Teammo-TeamManagerGuide-Nov2020

We understand that this is not ideal for some but as mentioned we are doing our part to protect the wider community.

If you have any questions please contact Bec
[email protected]

Do you play basketball, or know someone who does? If yes, you may be able to help us.

Do you play basketball, or know someone who does? If yes, you may be able to help us.

Researchers from the Discipline of Podiatry at La Trobe University and Luxembourg Institute of Health are conducting a short survey (approx. 10 mins) to understand the factors that influence the selection of basketball footwear in male and female basketball players. The findings from this survey will be used to inform future basketball footwear research and design.

You can participate if you:

  • Play at least 1 game of basketball per week (when in season, and when not injured);
  • Are aged over 18 years;
  • Are able to read and understand basic English;
  • Are a registered basketball player; and,
  • Play in an organised competition.

If you would like more information about the project, please find attached the:

  • Participant Information Statement and Consent Form (this form is embedded in the survey, and it can be completed if you choose to enter the survey)
  • Advertisement for the project

If you agree to participate, you can open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:
Factors that Influence Basketball Footwear Selection

If the link above does not work, try copying the link below into your web browser:

Academic Partner – La Trobe University

Major Sponsor

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